In, Through, and Beyond

When I first signed up for this class, my sole intention was to get my feet wet in the new media track of the writing and rhetoric program here at Oakland University.  I was nervous about not having much experience with new technologies.  Plus, I was pretty much certain that the professional track was the path for me.  There were a lot of non-traditional requirements for this course like setting up various social media accounts and blogging.    At first I thought I had made a mistake because of all the social media that we were required to understand.  I mean, I was of course familiar with Facebook (really who isn’t) but Twitter, blogging, and social media in general seemed so pointless to me and I was closed-minded toward it in a number of ways, clearly shown in my project 1 blog post.  After I got over my narrow minded views of the internet, it hit me that this class has given me so many tools that I can apply to my personal and social life.

It was not until the onset of project 2 that I started to understand and accept some aspects of new media.  This was right at the time of the presidential debates of 2012 and we as a class were required to live-Tweet the event.  Again, at first I was thinking wSeal of the President of the USAhat is the point?  It honestly took all three debates and then some for me to get the hang of Twitter.  Once I got the flow of how Twitter worked I realized that it could actually be used as a tool for political discourse.  For each talking point during the debates, I could actually witness what other people thought about what each candidate was saying in real time.  I could see trends flowing, what people liked, what they did not like, ect.  Twitter was what I was most objective to from the beginning and the presidential debates are what really tipped my Twitter iceberg, so to speak.  I almost wish I could go back and live-Tweet the debates again now that I know how to use the network, but there are so many things to live-Tweet which I have recently discovered.  Television shows, live sporting events, concerts, there is an infinite list of things that people can talk about.  The best thing that I personally get from Twitter is breaking news feed.  It is funny how it worked out being that Twitter was the thing that I had the most trouble adapting to.  Now I find myself on Twitter more than any other form of social media.

I started to get a feeling for things that I previously did not even know existed, such as the development of the online persona both social and personal.   Before this class, when I Googled my name, all that came up were a few old hockey stats.  Now a quick search will show my Twitter page, my blog, Linkedin, and e-portfolio.  My name is out there and I could not have done it without the skills I learned in writing for new media.  By the time project 3 came around I was all in with new media.  I have come so far since the beginning of this class.  I can say with 100% certainty that if I had not taken this class, I would be at such a disadvantage when it comes to being professional and up to date with the times.  When I turned in my final project for this class, I really could say that I had truly started the development of my online persona.

This class is the reason why I am switching to the new media writing track.  My whole outlook on my future career has changed and it is very exciting stuff.  I never have even considered a potential career in this field before this class.  I really enjoyed the class and I really am happy with all of the internet tricks I have learned.  I had no idea that this was a brand new class and I can honestly say that this was one of, if not the most beneficial class that I have ever taken.  I found it especially interesting when we learned about using html coding the last few days of class.  I think many people find coding to be so boring, but for some reason I seem to like it.  Writing for new media was an excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to understand the new ways of writing on the internet.  The tools I have learned to use from this class have already made an impact on my academics.  I feel as though I have stumbled upon gold in this class and I plan to continue working with new media to enhance my online persona.



About Rollin Nolan

Full-time student at Oakland University majoring in writing and rhetoric. Addicted to the outdoors. Fishing fanatic. Calm, easy going guy. Quite familiar with most walks of life and I use it to always look at things from all angles.
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