Writing for New Media..Outdoors!

It was a cool morning when Monday arrived, bringing with it my first ever outdoor class.  I had no idea what to expect, but I love the outdoors so I was excited regardless.

At around 10:30 A.M. I met up with my friend and fellow classmate Leyann to make our way to the “area of concern” together.  The “area” I am talking about was in the middle of the biological preserve on the campus of Oakland University.

There were a few things that were going through my head as we walked to the abandoned campsite that was to become the focus of our class.  I wish I would have known about this place when I lived on campus.  I was wondering what the point of all this was going to turn out to be.

We were greeted by our classmate Anthony who guided us off the beaten path to the campsite.  By this time Grace had caught up with us and we all met up with the rest of the class at the site.  I was surprised to see how much stuff was actually back there; lawn chairs, tables, metal art work, and remains of a full-fledged tent.

The first thing I started doing was cataloging the site and surrounding area.  With our plan to use social media to persuade others to solve this problem in mind, I immediately started thinking about how this could be done.

The pallets are going to be the hardest things to deal with.  I work with them a lot and trust me, some of them can be really tough and heavy.  No access to electricity will also be a obstacle to be overcome.  I took a few photos and a short video on everything that was back there.

Once we were all done cataloging our findings, class was over and we went our separate ways.  Poor Leyann got covered with burrs lol.  

Since that day I have been wondering how our class can spread enough awareness to make this work.  Time will tell. 


About Rollin Nolan

Full-time student at Oakland University majoring in writing and rhetoric. Addicted to the outdoors. Fishing fanatic. Calm, easy going guy. Quite familiar with most walks of life and I use it to always look at things from all angles.
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